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Apple App Store has been with us since 5 years now. It recently celebrated its fifth birthday on July 9, 2013. In these 5 years, app store has achieved milestones and have broken many records. Apple App Store has more than 650,000 apps available for download and as of January 7, 2013, there have been over 40 billion apps downloaded from the iOS app store! Too huge to be true!

To celebrate iOS app store's fifth birthday, I decided to write about the best, free iOS apps available on the app store. The apps listed below comprises of all the categories. Note that I have numbered the apps just for the sake of simplicity and not for ranking them. Hence, all the given apps are equally good and the best of their kind.

How about you grab a cup of coffee while reading because I'm afraid this post is going to be a long one! Behold, the top 20 free iOS apps! ;)

Top 20 Free iOS Apps

Top 20 Free iOS Apps PTD

1. Chrome

Browsing the web is indeed one of the most important thing that we do on our smartphone. And if we have a much better browser which is simple, fast and secured, why use the default Safari? Chrome is definitely a better alternative to Safari and is available for free on the app store. A must-have app for your iOS device.


2. Google Maps

The day we started carrying smartphones in our pockets, we stopped asking people on the road for directions to a particular place! We all know how bad Apple Maps are. We also know that when it comes to maps, Google is the best choice. Very simple to use and packed with incredible features, Google Maps is the Maps app.

Google Maps

3. Evernote

We all see, hear or think of things that we need to remember. In the 21st century, the best way to take a note is to type it in our smartphone. Evernote is the best note-taking app available for iOS. It is very easy to use with a beautiful UI. It's best known for its seamless syncing capabilities.


4. Feedly

Feedly is the new Google Reader. For those of you who have the habit of reading news everyday in your smartphone via RSS feeds, Feedly is the appp for you! Charming design powered with a powerful search, Feedly is definitely a must-have app for feed readers. See for my review on it.


5. Wikipanion

If you are an avid Wikipedia reader, then Wikipanion will be of great use to you. Of course Wikipedia can be accessed by the browser, but a dedicated app specially for reading Wikipedia articles is definitely worth a shot! Accessing Wikipedia has never been faster and easier than with Wikipanion. It is designed for easy search, navigation and display of Wikipedia entries.


6. Shazam

How many times has it been that you hear a song that you simply love but can't have it because you don't know its name! Those days are long gone now! With shazam, you can recognize music and media playing around you with the help of your phone's microphone. Tap the Shazam button to instantly tag, and then explore, buy, share and comment.


7. Adobe Photoshop Express

The power of Adobe Photoshop in your smartphone! How cool is that? Adobe Photoshop Express is officially by Adobe which lets you use simple gestures to quickly edit and share photos from your mobile. This app has a number of awesome photo-editing features. Download it now to know its powers!

Adobe Photoshop Express

8. Instagram

Instagram became very popular lately. It's a simple way to capture and share the world's moments on your iPhone. Customize your photos and videos with one of several gorgeous and custom built filter effects. Instagram is not just a photo editing app, it's a social network in its own way! Over 130 million users including famous celebrities are now migrating to Instagram for sharing their images. It's the twitter of photos!


9. IMDb

Internet Movie Database, IMDb is a very popular website which has data on movies, TV shows, actors, etc. What's more? IMDb also has a dedicated app for iOS which is absolutely free! Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your must-see list and rate your favorite movies and TV shows right from your iPhone or iPad!

10. Paypal

Paypal is the best solution for online money transactions. Paypal service is very famous and used by people all over the world. The good news is that Paypal has an official iOS app of its own loaded with great functionalities. Enjoy PayPal on-the-go with the PayPal iPhone app!


11. Google Search

Google Search is a must-have app for iPhone. It's fast, it's beautiful and it's by Google! You can search for practically any thing here. With Google Search, you can also search by voice inputs! Just tap a button and speak in the microphone! It is fully integrated with Google Now which is a better alternative to Siri.

Google Search

12. Dropbox

Cloud storage has indeed become a part of our virtual life now. When it comes to cloud storage on smartphones, Dropbox is a strong competitor. It has a beautiful app design loaded with rich functionalities. Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Access any file you save to your Dropbox from all your computers, iPhone, iPad and even the Dropbox website!


13. Skype

Skype, as we all know, is the ultimate social solution. You can chat, share pictures, make voice calls and even make video calls at absolutely no cost! Over 250 million people use Skype every month which includes your family and friends. Skype's iOS app is great and works beautifully.


14. Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp has overtaken text messages globally. Everybody now uses Whatsapp for chatting and for sharing photos and videos. I have seen people who buy a smartphone just so that they can be on whatsapp! You can have a whatsapp account based on your number. A must-have app for iOS.

Whatsapp Messenger

15. Facebook

Facebook is the most famous social-networking site with more than one billion active users worldwide. Facebook has a dedicated app for iOS devices where you can use the website's services. If you are an active facebook user, I highly recommend installing this app because it is faster and simpler than the web version.


16. Twitter

Twitter, the famous micro-blogging site with over 500 million active users also has a dedicated iOS app. The app is much better than the web version in many aspects. It's faster and more easy to use and above all, it has a clean and beautiful design.


17. Any.DO

Any.DO is a family of rich apps to make your life simpler. It is an award winning to do list app. It's key features include Seamless cloud sync, Speech recognition, Time & Location Reminders, Any.DO Moment, Folders, Notes, Repeating Tasks, Calendar view, Gesture support & more!


18. Converter Plus

Converter Plus is a very powerful tool for your everyday calculations. It is a unit converter with the most extensive list of currencies and units in hundreds of categories. Converter Plus also comes with many calculators like mortgage, loan, tip, fuel consumption and many others for everyday problems.

Converter Plus

19. Nike+

Nike+ is the best health and fitness app by Nike. From the trail to the treadmill, Nike+ uses your iPhone's GPS and accelerometer accurately to record your distance, pace, and time. In-run audio feedback lets you know these metrics at every mile, so you can stay focused on your run. Now you also can add friends and see how you stack up. Keep tabs on who's logging the most runs and miles, then get out there and beat them!



Top-rated app with trusted reference content from & It's most amazing feature is that it works offline as well! No internet connection is needed when searching for words. If you are an avid reader, you will definitely use this app everyday!

Here are the top 20 iOS apps which are completely free. Comprising of all the categories, these app will make your Apple smartphone even more smarter! If your favorite app is not listed in the above list then recommend it to me in the comment section below.

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