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A class 10 student of St Aloysius High School, Mangalore has created a social networking website of his own.He is from India and his name is Prithvi Raj S Amin (15).The website is having some features same like Facebook.On Monday through shared hosting and in 24-hours clocked 300 members. Zuckerberg was 20 when FB was created.

Youflik become very famous in India due to this it get over flood and will be unavailable due to technical issues until 4/7/12 8:00am. The site took 68% CPU load contiueously for 3-4 minutes from hosting servers. As a result we have to enter cooldown. we are making the server more advanced and assure you that this problem will not appear again.

Site Stats On 03/07/2012

Admin Photo

 Prithvi Raj S 

(Indian Mark Zuckerberg :D )

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