Pool Live Tour Best Aiming Software

Hii I am Aumkar Thakur after completing 3 years on pool live tour now i am very experienced and now each and every think about it.Today I an going to give you list of best amming software on pool live tour.

8 ball ruler
8 ball ruler is one of best aiming software in pool live tour, it not only use in aiming but we can also use it in making accurate reflation in pool live tour.
This software is made by Sinaan Shihaab.It very useful software for pool players. There are two version of this software one is simple version and another is V1.1

You can download this software in free.

Cheat Version 5.0
Cheat version is another good aiming software we can make aiming line and can see it zoom in side panel we an play game perfactaly by this software.This software is made by Krew Iseb.

This software is free you can download it.

Presentation Assistant Pro
Presentation Assistant Pro is a professional edition of Presentation Assistant. It includes the full functionality of Presentation Assistant and Presentation Pointer (The best live screen annotation tool).It is presentation software but me Aumkar Thakur using it in pool live tour.when is shared this idea with other player then they also start using it in pool live tour game.

GD Pool Assistant
It is very nice aiming software it is very easy to use just lunch this software and start making lines.This software is founded by Aumkar Thakur.

This software is probably the first amming software of pool live tour.

You can download it in free.

Snooker Aiming Lines Professional
This software is not launch right now but this software is one of professional pool aiming software this software is made by my best friend Deepak Kamat.

If you want this software then daily Update our blog.