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Reflector for the first time

To Switch to Reflector Press W
When you open the reflector for the first time you will see something like this at the center of your screen (without the numbers). This is actually 6 objects. 4 walls of the board and aiming lines for reflection.

1 Top wall of the board.
2 Bottom wall of the board.
3 Left wall of the board.
4 Right wall of the board.

Click and drag the walls to the exact positions as in the game Pool live tour.
Resize the walls using all the ARROW KEYS. To see the Shortcuts Press F1.

Once the wall is positioned it will be in the same position even if you
close and reopen.

After adjusting all the walls

There will be two aim lines, one with a Circle (you can move only this one) and the other without a ball. One with a Circle is called Aimer.
In the game (Pool live tour) in some tables the balls are small and other tables the balls are large. I have made a way so that you can adjust the size of the Aimer.

Keep the Aimer’s Circle on top of a ball on the table and adjust the size
Z Increase the size of Aimer
X Decrease the size of Aimer

The size should be same as a ball on the table. Else the reflection may not be accurate.

You don’t have to resize always. After resizing once it will be the same even if you close the app.

You can’t make a reflection to any ball you want. (See Picture) Cue ball must be in a correct position as in the picture.
Green Zone is the most accurate zone.
Yellow Zone is a 50:50 Chance.
Red Zone is 95% inaccurate.

So when you are in the Green Zone MOVE the Aimer to your target ball like in the Picture (The Circle of the Aimer Should be in the Target Ball)

Target Ball

RIGHT CLICK on the Aimer or
the Wall You want hit. Then MOVE your mouse over any the wall you want hit

You will see that the Aimer
will Show where the ball is going
to go when you hit at the position.

When the Second Aim line is in your desired hole you can CLICK the wall at that position to lock the aim.

To adjust you can RIGHT CLICK again. to the WALL or to the AIMER.

Cue Ball

Remember to always check that the cue ball is in a green position
You can make a shot at yellow or red position but it may be a waste shot. When its in a red or yellow zone its better to shoot the normal way.

Note: the zones will not be shown by the application. you have to decide which zone you are in. Its not that difficult.

The Shooting Part

Its easy to shoot with a cue that has an aiming arrow. I usually use 8 Ball cue.
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To Shoot see if the arrow of the cue is in the same line as the Aimer’s
Middle line.

Don’t shoot at the Highest speed or else the ball will hit the cushion of the hole and may come back in to the board, Cards.

The last but not the least. Don’t curve too much or else the ball will spin away. But make sure that the cue ball is not going in to the path of the target ball.

Note: When playing in Full screen mode, sometimes the application may minimize. Just use Alt+TAB to bring it back up then it will be fine and Settlements.

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